Why Am I Seeing Spiders Around My Snohomish Home?

a house spider crawling on a wall in a home

Various spiders might be in or around your Snohomish home. All spiders are venomous, but only two provide medical concerns in Washington. Knowing which spiders are dangerous and what is attracting them to your home will help to keep them away. Read on to learn more about spiders and how Snohomish pest control professionals can help.

Types Of Spiders Found In Snohomish

Several spider species are in Snohomish, and all can make their way into your home. While all spiders are venomous to some extent, only two species in Washington cause medical concerns when they bite.

Common house spiders found in Snohomish include:

  • Giant house spiders
  • Hobo spiders
  • Black widow spiders
  • Yellow sac spiders

Black widow and yellow sac are the most venomous spiders in Washington. They produce a potent venom that causes mild symptoms in most people but can cause severe problems for others. These spiders typically aren't aggressive but might bite if they feel trapped or disturbed.

Handling the wrong spiders in your house can be dangerous, but pest control professionals have experience identifying house spiders. Call Guard Pest Control to get rid of spiders in your Snohomish home.

What's Attracting Spiders To My Snohomish Home?

Spiders are attracted to houses by food and shelter. These arachnids eat insects, so anything that attracts their prey to your home will also attract spiders. The other reason spiders might be around your home is shelter. Most spiders you'll find in your house are nocturnal, only becoming active at night. As a result, they prefer quiet spaces to hide in during the day. They also choose dark corners with little activity where they can spin webs to catch prey.

Knowing what attracts spiders to your home will help to keep them away.

Some of the common spider attractants include:

  • Woodpiles: Spiders use woodpiles as shelter, and placing them near your home provides entry.
  • Outdoor lighting: Insects are attracted to outdoor lights, which can also attract spiders.
  • Food residue: Similar to outdoor lighting, food residue on surfaces attracts spider prey.

Some ways to keep spiders away from your home are keeping wood away from the structure, removing outdoor lighting fixtures that attract insects, and cleaning surfaces regularly. If spiders still find a way into your home, call Guard Pest Control to handle the situation and get rid of the spiders.

Why Spiders Could Indicate Other Pest Problems

In some ways, spiders can be a positive for your home. They eat insects to control pests and indicate when other pests are inside your house. However, the wrong type of spider can be dangerous.

Many pests that enter your home are excellent hiders, so you might not know they're around. Seeing spiders or spider webs might indicate that other pests are in your home.

Some of the common pests that spiders might hunt in your house include:

The dangers that some spiders present if they feel threatened or disturbed outweigh the assistance they provide in dealing with an infestation. When you see spiders in your home, call a local pest control company to get all pests out of your house.

Why Professional Pest Control Is The Best Spider Control

While some spiders are harmless when they bite, others can cause severe medical problems. For this reason, you shouldn't handle an infestation yourself. At Guard Pest Control, our technicians know how to handle these creatures. We'll inspect your home to find all pests, create a treatment plan to eliminate them and provide follow-up visits to ensure they're gone.

Call us today for a free over-the-phone quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Snohomish.