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Effective Ant Treatments for Western Washington Homes & Businesses

Has your home come under ant invasion? Have ant hills started springing up all across your yard? Have you started finding ants in your kitchen, pantry, or bathrooms? Have carpenter ants started tunneling into the wooden walls and foundations of your home, damaging your property in the process? If you answered yes to any of these questions, now is the time to call Guard Pest Control for help through one of our comprehensive ant control treatments.

Ants are common household pests all across America, and their small size and massive numbers allow them to get into almost anywhere, making professional extermination a necessity when they become a problem. Store-bought treatments often fail to treat the whole problem, and can actually make the problem worse by alerting ants to your efforts, causing them to split nests and regroup to attack in even greater force later. The team at Guard Pest Control has decades of experience in eliminating pests from homes in Snohomish and all throughout Western Washington.

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Our Ant Control Offerings

Ants are difficult pests to eliminate due to their huge colony sizes and tendency to create multiple colonies through a single yard or neighborhood, but our bi-monthly pest treatment programs are the perfect weapon to eliminate an existing ant problem and help keep it from coming back.

In the case of moisture ants, our team can even provide treatment on the interim of appropriate repairs to alleviate the infestations or prevent further damage while repairs are in process to eliminate the moisture damage. Once ants get onto a property, they never stop expanding. Don’t wait; put a stop to them today with help from the Snohomish pest control experts at Guard Pest Control.

What You Can Expect with Ant Control from Guard Pest Control

Guard Pest Control follows a tried-and-tested three step process for ant control in homes and businesses we represent. The process is as follows:


After contacting Guard Pest Control for a free inspection, one of our licensed and certified technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your property to determine which areas are affected by ants and the extent of the infestation present. Most ants will have multiple nests in many locations. It is also common that neighborhoods may have "super-nests" that affect not just your home, but your neighbors as well. Once he or she is able to identify the type(s) of ants present and causing issues, we will formulate a treatment plan custom-tailored to suit your needs. 


Your technician will perform an ant treatment on all affected areas of the property. Once treatment is complete, he or she will then instruct you on helpful steps you can take to mitigate your risk for ant infestations in the future. 


If ants start reappearing around your property within 60 days of treatment, we will come out and re-treat at no extra charge. For ongoing ant control, we recommend our Home Guard Protection Plans. This provides a regular barrier on the outside of your home that prevents re-entry and re-infestations.

Once ants get onto a property, they never stop expanding. Don’t wait: put a stop to them today with help from Guard Pest Control. 


Tips You Can Use to Prevent Ants Around Your Property

As with any invasive pest, the best way to treat an ant infestation is to prevent it from ever happening in the first place. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take around your home or business to mitigate your risk for ant infestation. Here are some helpful tips to try:

  • Keep all food and drink items stored in sealed containers, refrigerated if possible - including pet food

  • Don’t leave pet food and water bowls out overnight 

  • Keep food prep areas clean, and sanitize them regularly

  • Clean up food and beverage spills immediately as they happen

  • Sweep and vacuum floors on a regular basis 

  • Keep your pantry organized and throw out any food items that have rips or tears in them

  • Keep countertops and appliances clean of any grease, crumbs, or other food debris

  • Fix any leaks or moisture problems present in the building

  • Take the trash out regularly

  • Seal any holes in the building’s walls and siding

Unfortunately, while these steps can go a long way in deterring ants by making your property as unappealing as possible to them, there is still a chance you may get ants. It might be that your neighbors have an infestation on their lawn that spreads to yours, or you might just get unlucky. Either way, when ants come marching, don’t leave yourself at risk by attempting to handle the problem on your own; contact the residential and commercial pest professionals at Guard Pest Control for help. We have exactly the tools and knowledge necessary to eliminate ants off your property for good. Contact us today for more information. 


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