Struggling To Get Rid Of Pharaoh Ants In Your Monroe Apartment?


If ants ever appear on your property, you’ll need pest control in Monroe. Believe it or not, these tiny bugs are hazardous. They harbor germs that can trigger illnesses in humans. Even worse, many species can wreak their brand of havoc. For example, the carpenter subset can destroy structural wood, putting domiciles and establishments at risk. Odorous house ants are smelly and give painful bites. Getting rid of pharaoh ants is incredibly taxing.

You definitely shouldn’t tolerate pharaoh ants in your home. Their colonies are so huge that conquering them after an invasion can be an ordeal. These critters can get in small gaps, and they’ll be stationed in spots you can’t easily reach. People tend to use pharaoh ant repellent against them, but it’s typically ineffective. Find out why this is and what the better options are. Guard Pest Control can assist you.

Why Is A Pharaoh Ant Called A Pharaoh Ant?

The inspiration for the Pharaoh ant's name stems from the long-held belief that they plagued ancient Egypt. While it’s often said these bugs are native to Africa, they’re primarily found in the United States.

How Common Are Pharaoh Ants?

Several ant subgroups are regionally based, but not the pharaoh class. Again, they are all over the country. Sometimes, they can be hard to see because they’re so tiny. Most are just 0.12 of an inch long. In terms of shade, they’re light yellow or yellow-brown. On their stomachs are red and black markings.

Warmth, moisture, and food motivate the intrusions of pharaoh ants. You’ll come across them in places like kitchen cabinets and pantries. Proteins, sweets, grease, and fats are among what they’ll eat. Fellow insects are a part of their diet too. You can also find them in pipe rods and chases, baseboards, fabrics, foundation voids, and insulation. Dim rooms with low traffic attract them as well.

Pharaoh ants can get indoors through the following:

  • Crevices and cracks in structures and siding
  • Worn window screens
  • Loose shutters and doors

As it pertains to their outdoor settling points, pharaoh ants will spread throughout the yard. Isolated gardens may be rife with bugs. No matter where they are, noticing their amber-colored workers confirms you have an infestation.

What Is The Danger Of Finding Pharaoh Ants In My Apartment?

It doesn’t seem like an insect as small as an ant would be a health threat, but they certainly are. Bacterial cells are on their skin. Therefore, they could contaminate the food and surfaces they have contact with. This is particularly true if they release their urine, feces, or saliva. Of course, microbes are also there.

In addition, ants gravitate to unsanitary settings, such as dumpsters and plumbing. You or someone else may contract a pathogen or condition like E. Coli. The chances of this increase with the volume of the infestation. Remember, these pests reproduce rather rapidly in great numbers. Pharaoh ants specifically are associated with salmonellosis and dysentery.

Professional Help To Get Rid Of Pharaoh Ants For Good

Lots of residents make the mistake of ignoring a pharaoh's ant problem. If not, they’ll attempt to address it with a retail pesticide or “do it yourself” trick. In any event, none of these is a good idea. These critters will only expand their network if you don’t do something about them.

Pharaoh ant repellent and independent methods won’t work for many reasons. It’s too difficult to access nests with these items; they’re not concentrated for an infestation anyway. Not every ant species responds to treatments the same way. Experts are needed to select appropriate treatments. Last but not least, they can be costly and toxic.

On your own, take these preventative steps against pharaoh ants in your home:

  • Close holes in windows, screens, doors, and foundations.
  • Add sweeps to all entries that face the outside.
  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery.
  • Distance plants at least two feet from your property.
  • Inspect your lawn regularly for ant hills.
  • Put food and garbage in secure storage canisters.
  • Make sure the pantry and kitchen remain clean. Promptly wipe up food spills.
  • Routinely remove trash, vacuum, and wash dishes.
  • Contact Guard Pest Control if you have other critters that pharaoh ants consume.

Getting rid of pharaoh ants is simple with Guard Pest Control. We have safe industrial-grade ant control solutions, which include moisture repairs and perimeter barriers. We have diverse and affordable programs to meet your needs.

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