Spring And The Odorous House Ant


Spring has sprung! These little beauties pushed their way through our flower beds this week celebrating the waking up of nature after our long and VERY cold winter. My daffodils however are not the only thing waking up. Odorous House Ants or “Sugar Ants” are beginning to reappear.

Odorous House Ant colonies can consist of thousands of workers and multiple queens and can be among the most difficult ants to control. Over-the-counter pest control products and home control efforts can often result in making your problem worse as when disturbed these ants will release an “alarm pheromone”. This can cause them to split their nest and multiply your issue.

The National Pest Management Association “Bug Barometer” is predicting increased ant activity as winter conditions will send ants seeking food and water indoors. http://www.pestworld.org/news-hub/press-releases/irregular-winter-patterns-increase-spring-and-summer-pest-pressure/

You can minimize their opportunities by keeping food products sealed, and crumbs and other feeding opportunities well vacuumed. They will also feed on your outdoor nectar-producing plants and other insects.

While over-the-counter solutions may exacerbate your problems, professional pest control treatments are designed to eliminate these pests at their source. Full control may require multiple treatments and ongoing long-term efforts to protect your home. A quarterly pest control plan can help keep these at bay and keep these annoying pest outside of your space.

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