How To Keep Ants Away From Your Monroe Home

up close image of a crawling pavement ant

Here in Monroe, we have several ant species that can give homeowners headaches. From stinging pavement ants to odorous house ants, these insects can be a real nuisance. And they’re nothing compared to what could happen if you get carpenter ants in your house! That’s why ant control should be part of every Monroe resident’s pest control plan. Let’s talk about what you can do to prevent ants and what to do if you get them.

What Do Ants In Monroe Look Like?

We have tons of ant varieties in Monroe, but a few can be especially problematic for homeowners:

  • Pavement Ants: Pavement ants are true to their name because they love to nest in cracks in the pavement. These ants aren’t just pavement dwellers. They can nest in cracks in your home’s walls or foundation too. The worse thing about pavement ants is their ability to sting. While they’re not aggressive like fire ants, they can and will inflict a painful sting if they have no other option.
  • Odorous House Ants: Odorous house ants are also basically named because they stink like rotten coconuts when crushed or scared. An odorous house ant infestation can stink up your whole house if you let it.
  • Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants are the worst ant problem you can have in our area. If you get carpenter ants in your house, they can do significant damage to the wooden support system. This can eventually lead to thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

The Problems Ants In Your Monroe House Can Cause

Ants can be everything from an annoyance to a serious threat. As we said above, carpenter ants can wreak significant havoc on your house by destroying its wooden structural supports. Other ant species can cause more minor problems like odors or mild stings. Still, others can spread serious bacterial infections like salmonella, strep, and staph. Since it’s tough to tell what kind of ant species are infesting your property, the best ant control solution is to keep them all out.

Ant Prevention Tips For Monroe Homes

Ants do have slightly different food preferences- some species prefer sugars, and others prefer protein. Then you have some that aren’t at all picky. The good news is you can avoid everything from a carpenter ant infestation to an odorous house ant infestation by taking the same measures:

  • Cover all indoor and outdoor garbage cans with well-fitting lids.
  • Seal all pantry foods in airtight containers.
  • Repair all cracks and holes in your home’s exterior.
  • Never leave things like cookie jars or candy bowls sitting out uncovered.
  • Spray lines of ants with vinegar to disrupt pheromone signals.

Taking these measures is vital to keeping your property ant-free. Remember, ant prevention is the cheapest and easiest ant control solution.

The Best Way To Protect Your Monroe Home From Ants

If your ant prevention measures fail, getting rid of the infestation yourself can be a hassle. Ant granules, baits, traps, and other measures are typically ineffective because they either partially kill the infestation or cause the ants to move. Either way, you’re just reducing the problem without solving it. Fortunately, there’s a better solution for ant control in Monroe.

Here at Guard Pest Control, we’ve been offering safe and effective pest control in Monroe and the surrounding area since 2013. We can help you eliminate any existing infestations and figure out how to make your home less attractive to ants so they don’t return.

So call us or visit our contact page to get started today on our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.