How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My Monroe Home?

Bed Bug

Nestled within the Cascade Mountains lies the town of Monroe, Washington. People say that "everyone feels at home and feels like they belong" in this beautiful community. This scenic area is a sportsman's paradise and a perfect play area for those who enjoy outdoor activities. One frequent household pest in the area that always feels comfortable in local homes is the bed bug. Without professional pest control services in Monroe, homeowners will experience extreme discomfort within their homes.

How Can I Be Sure It's Bed Bugs In My Home?

Identifying bed bugs in your home can prove challenging; they are small, measuring about the size of an apple seed. They also tend to hide during daylight hours and come out to feed at night while people sleep. Usually, the first indication of bed bugs is waking up in the morning and discovering little, itchy bites on your arms and legs. Since bed bug bites can resemble bites from other common household pests, it's always best to search for additional telltale signs of bed bugs to confirm their presence in your home.

Additional bed bug signs include:

  • Red marks that resemble a marker that has bled on linens and mattresses
  • Yellowish eggs or eggshells attached to surfaces
  • Reddish-brown bugs (especially around beds)
  • An unusual, musty smell permeates your home

When signs of bed bugs start piling up, it's time to call in the professionals at Guard Pest Control. Our technicians are skilled at locating bed bugs and can apply treatments that effectively eliminate bed bugs from homes.

How Bad Is It To Have Bed Bugs In My House?

You can't sugarcoat a bed bug infestation—it's terrible. Bed bugs reproduce like crazy. Females can lay between one to five eggs daily. Baby bed bugs only take about three weeks to become breeding adults. Without immediate treatment, bed bug populations won't take long before they explode and start spreading within homes.

While bed bugs typically camp out in bedrooms to tap into easy blood supplies, they have no problem spreading throughout homes. As bed bugs multiply and blood sources wane, they look for other sources. Desperate bed bugs will eventually go after your pets if human blood gets depleted. Ultimately, homeowners can find them in almost every room in their house.

On top of everything else, bed bugs are tricksters. Bed bugs can go long periods without a refill of blood, making you think they're gone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bed bugs don't leave homes of their own accord; they need a little push. Guard Pest Control can provide bed bug pest control near you that can locate and remove bed bugs from your home.

Why Do I Have Bed Bugs In My House?

Most people have bed bugs because someone or something has brought them indoors. Since bed bugs don't fly, they require something to help transport them. Because bed bugs need a blood supply and prefer human blood, they often hang out in areas many people frequent daily.

Public places where bed bugs hitch rides include:

  • Hotel or motel rooms
  • Public transport facilities (airlines, buses, trains)
  • Public buildings (offices, schools, dorms, libraries)
  • Secondhand stores
  • Garage or yard sales

Bed bugs often hide in unseen areas, waiting for people to move past them. These hitchhiking bugs will attach to many things, including clothing, purses, shoes, bags, packages, briefcases, and boxes. They also frequent items at secondhand stores and garage and yard sales. Sadly, people are typically responsible for bringing bed bugs into their homes. Since bed bugs are stealthy invaders that can easily get transported into dwellings, having an experienced pest control company like Guard Pest Control is essential for effective bed bug control services in Monroe.

What's The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

If homeowners want to get rid of bed bugs fast, they need help from the seasoned pest professionals at Guard Pest Control. Our locally owned and operated company has over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry. We hold to the highest standards in both our service and our results. Not only does Guard Pest Control offer exceptional bed bug services, but we also treat our customers like family.

Call us today for a free inspection, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Monroe.