Wasp Prevention 101: Steps You Can Take To Keep Wasps At Bay In Monroe


There's something instinctively frightening about hearing the buzz of a wasp emanating from above. Many people's reaction to hearing that sound nearby is to duck or swat, as they fear being stung. In this article, we'll explain the most common habits and behaviors of wasps and effective prevention strategies you can implement to avoid attracting these pests to your residential property.

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Habits And Behaviors Of Common Wasps

Wasps are distinguished from other stinging insects by their thin waist and smooth, nearly hairless bodies. While most species of bees are stocky and have a fuzzy appearance, wasps generally have the opposite appearance. Wasps are also predatory insects that will hunt and eat smaller insects such as caterpillars and aphids.

Depending on their species, wasps may be solitary or live in large social groups. The key to controlling wasps in Monroe is implementing ongoing services from the experienced pest professionals here at Guard Pest Control. Don’t allow wasps to build their nests around your Monroe home and threaten your family. Instead, partner with us for solutions you can rely on.

The Potential Dangers Of A Wasp Infestation

The biggest challenge stinging insects like wasps pose when they infest residential properties is the potential for physical harm to a family member or friend. While wasps are generally more of a nuisance than anything else, many types of wasps are incredibly territorial and won’t hesitate to sting anyone they perceive as a threat.

In addition, wasps have smooth stingers, which allows them to inflict multiple stings at a time. While some wasps are solitary, others live in large social groups that will attack together when threatened. No matter how careful you are, wasps are a significant risk to your health and comfort. Individuals who are allergic to stinging insect venom are at a much higher risk for serious harm or even anaphylactic shock if stung. Implementing a professional wasp control plan from Guard Pest Control is the best way to ensure your family is safe from wasps and other stinging insects.

Five No-Nonsense Tips To Prevent Wasps

Getting rid of wasps is no easy task, but there are a few methods to prevent these pests from nesting around your property in the first place.

  1. Install screens on your doors and windows to keep wasps from getting indoors.
  2. Remove potential food sources by keeping your garbage cans covered.
  3. Seal holes in your exterior walls and outdoor buildings, such as sheds, to limit nesting sites for wasps.
  4. Avoid leaving open cans of soda or condiment bottles outdoors after a picnic.
  5. Keep an eye out for signs of wasp nests and contact the professionals for help with removing them.

At Guard Pest Control, we know how to get rid of wasps using advanced service methods and proven control techniques. Reach out to us today for more information about our wasp control options.

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Putting prevention strategies into place is a great first step, but it won't always eliminate an existing infestation. The most effective solution for total wasp control is professional stinging insect control from a licensed pest management company like Guard Pest Control. We design our wasp removal options to eliminate your current wasp problems and prevent new ones from occurring in the future.

Whether you’re dealing with a mud dauber wasp problem or a hornet nest problem, you can count on us to get rid of it in no time. Contact us today to get started!