Why DIY Rodent Control Usually Isn't Effective In Monroe


When trying to deal with a rodent infestation it is best to know what you are doing. Without proper knowledge dealing with these pests feels a lot like banging your head against a wall and hoping it will break. To save you some stress, here is what you should know about rodent control in Monroe and the reason why DIY methods often fail. Call Guard Pest Control if you need immediate help with these furry pests. We are experts at pest control in Monroe and are standing by if you need assistance with a problem inside your home. If you are here to learn more about rodents, keep reading.

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Rodents

There is a lot you should know about rodents. The first thing is why and how they invade homes in the first place. Rodents will, on occasion, invade homes one at a time. This is not the standard, however. Both mice and rats like to live in groups and travel together. If they find an entry point in the side of your home, they are likely to invade as a family. Most infestations start with a few mice or rats and then grow as these pests find food, things to drink, and places to hide. Keeping all of this in mind, if you see a wild rodent crawling around your living areas it is safe to assume that they have family members hiding somewhere nearby. The only way to know for certain is to bring in a professional for a thorough inspection. This is just one service we offer at Guard Pest Control.

Rodents Can Spread Disease And Damage Property

Rodents are one of the most problematic pests here in Monroe. They have no concern for personal property and often enter homes carrying bacteria, pathogens, and other harmful sickness vectors. Here are some common diseases you might contract from these pests’ fecal droppings, urine, and parasitic pests they carry.

  • Salmonellosis
  • Hantavirus
  • Rat-bite fever
  • Lyme disease
  • Rocky Mountian spotted fever
  • Tularemia
  • Murine typhus
  • The bubonic plague

If the disease wasn’t enough, rodents also damage property. These pests cause the majority of this damage with their sharp and durable teeth. Mice and rats, the two common rodents that invade homes in Monroe, like to tear up insulation, fabrics, and paper, gnaw holes through boxes and walls and gnaw on things like furniture legs. If you want to avoid the problems rodents cause, you need to have something in place to prevent these pests and address infestations inside your home as they arise.

Why Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control Usually Fails

Have you ever considered trying to control rodents on your own? This task can seem incredibly daunting. If you are only dealing with a couple of rodents inside your home, you may be able to deal with them on your own. We recommend purchasing some high-quality snap traps and a jar of peanut butter. Bait these traps with the peanut butter and set them in areas beneath cabinets, in the back of pantries, and in other areas, where you suspect wild rodents are traveling. If you catch a few of these pests and notice your problem is solved within a week, great! If not, then DIY will most likely not fix your problem. The issue with almost all DIY solutions is that they do not catch rodents faster than they can breed. The methods that are more likely to work are difficult to use and can be harmful to your health. We recommend avoiding these complications and skipping straight to safe professional options.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rodents For Good

The best way to deal with different kinds of rodents is to bring in a pest control professional. At Guard Pest Control we have close to a decade of experience dealing with invasive species. We would be happy to offer you some simple rodent control options to identify and remove these local invaders from your living areas. It all starts with a thorough inspection. This will allow our team to assess the condition of your infestation and build a treatment plan around your individual needs. We will work hard to answer your questions during this process and will handle these pests in the least invasive way possible.

Call us now to schedule an appointment for your Monroe home or to discuss the details of our rodent control offerings and get a quote for service. Let us take care of you today.