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Mud Daubers are a type of wasp that build tubular shaped nests using mud and dirt.  They feed on insects like spiders and other nuisance pests and are generally considered helpful "pests". 

​These wasps are typically a low risk for stinging and the least aggressive; however their nests can create an eyesore on the exterior of your home or property.

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Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, or mud daubers can turn your backyard sanctuary into an uncomfortable & dangerous place. 

Aggressive and territorial in nature, these pests cause painful stings and an allergic response in many people. All stinging pests are more active during the warm afternoons. While less active in the early morning or evenings if their nest is threatened these pests can become very aggressive.

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Honeybees are important to pollination and are usually less aggressive. We do not recommend treatment of honey bee nests unless they are problematic in location for your home and family. In most cases we will refer you to a bee relocation service.

Hornets are a type of wasp and have a dark coloring. They grow up to 2 inches in length and their paper-like nests can contain hundreds of colony members. Hornets will aggressively defend their nests.

​Yellow Jackets are named for the distinctive yellow and black coloring. These insects prefer to live in the ground or in concealed spaces.

Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, & Mud Daubers

Wasps have many different colors, shapes, sizes, and diets depending on their species. The typical wasp in Washington has an orange or yellow banded coloring. A wasp can sting multiple times. "Paper Wasps" nests are small honeycomb shaped nests usually seen under the eves of your home or porch. You will often see multiple small nests.

Wasps may also build nests in places not visible to the eye inside the walls of your home or in a rock bed. Look for the tell-tale flight patterns that resemble an airport landing strip.

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