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If you are like many people, you know spiders are nearly always  harmless in our region of the country. This knowledge does not keep us from a low tolerance level when it comes to spiders  creeping around our homes.

Some pest control companies will try to frighten you into believing that your house is infested with hobo spiders, brown recluses, or black widow spiders. The Washington State Department of Health and all those nerdy spider guys at the Universities and Museums assure us this is not the case.

The Burke museum has some excellent information on spider facts and myths we recommend!

IDENTIFICATION. To properly identify your spiders would require a lesson in spider anatomy and a magnifying glass or microscope. While you may occasionally find a brown recluse or hobo spiders outdoors or in a crawl space they are very rarely found inside your home.



For most of us spider treatment is primarily to alleviate our fears and increase the comfort level of our homes. We say this is perfectly legitimate considering the large house spider is incredibly intimidating and none of us like to think of it exploring our personal space when the lights are off.

Guard Pest Control can help you minimize the spiders that are in and around your home. For most effective results, it's best to focus on an exterior treatment first. Treatment methods are designed to limit the outdoor food sources that spiders find around your home. Our technicians will develop a treatment plan based on your specific circumstances.


Long-term spider control will require regular treatments, for best control we recommend our quarterly service Asset Protection Plan. This economic plan is a regular service which not only protects you against spiders, but also includes a list of other pests common to our region.

You should also talk to your pest control technician about Integrated Pest Management. By eliminating conducive conditions you can help minimize the spider population both in and around your home.

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