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Damage Caused by Rodents

When rodents enter your home, they explore during the night when you're asleep. Mice and rats will chew holes through the walls and invade cabinets in search of food. They chew through boxed goods and plastic bags containing Food. Mice and rats also cause damage in other ways, such as chewing through electrical wiring in your home or vehicles that could lead to mechanical failure or fires.

Rodent-borne diseases are another threat from invasive mice and rats. The hantavirus, rat-bite fever and salmonella are just a few diseases that can make your family sick. Rodents spread their disease while crawling on your belongings and leaving behind infected feces, urine and saliva; their dander also causes allergic reactions in some people.

Guard Pest Control is licensed, bonded, and insured and will work not only to eliminate your rodent issue but can provide any exclusion work or clean out of spaces with rodent damage. Crawl Space Clean Out

How to Get Rid of Rodents
A mouse trap may stop one rodent or two, but they'll keep coming back unless you take preventative action. When you see one rodent, it's a sign that more are lurking in the area, perhaps even behind your walls. 

Long-term rodent resolution includes a plan to prevent them entering your home and minimizing their population around your home.  Ask us about preventative solutions to keep future infestation at bay and provide peace of mind for your family. 

Do-it-yourself pest control doesn't provide the same effectiveness as a professional pest control expert does.  Our licensed pest control professional will inspect your home, locate openings where rodents enter and create a barrier to prevent future invasions. 

Need help removing rodents from your home or garden? Contact us today for a quote on our rodent elimination services. Our professionals can help eradicate rodents in your home and design a preventative plan to keep them out for good. 

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Rodents – With a long history of spreading disease these unwelcome invaders can damage your home, personal items, and put your family at risk of disease and infection.

In search of shelter, food, and water rats & Mice will detect the smallest of entry points into your home. THANKS TO THEIR FLEXIBLE SKELETONS, A RAT CAN FIT THROUGH A HOLE THE SIZE OF A QUARTER AND A MOUSE A SPACE THE SIZE OF A DIME.

Rodents are experts at concealment, so you might not even know that you have an infestation until it's too late. Signs of a rodent infestation may include droppings or urine, nesting, damage of food or personal personal items. In severe cases you may have an actual sighting or a foul urine like smell coming from your crawl space.​