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Mole Control

With their dark fur, paddle-like forelegs and hairless snouts, moles are generally found burrowing around yards in Western Washington. These pests grow to be six to eight inches long and prefer damp, loose soil that plays host to the worms and grubs that they like to eat. Not to be confused with voles, which feed on plants, moles are part of the same family as shrews and cause damage to vegetation in other ways.

Mole Woes

The most obvious sign of a mole infestation is a series of rounded raised mounds in the yard. Moles make these mounds as they burrow, leaving behind tunnels that are three to five inches wide. Another consequence of mole activity is the collection of mounds of dirt known as molehills. These hills are made up of the soil that moles push aside when digging.

Moles also create extensive networks of tunnels deeper underground. Their movements can damage the root systems of plants or spread diseases from one patch of vegetation to another. Too many mole tunnels may cause your lawn to begin sinking, and shallow tunnels can create dangerous holes when stepped on. Mowing also becomes difficult when the soil is disturbed by moles. Excessive mole activity undermines efforts to maintain an attractive lawn and may put you and your family at risk for injury by causing unexpected changes in the topography of the yard.

Mole infestations threaten the structure and beauty of your outdoor space and elimination is a tricky science. Do-it-yourself repellents and chemicals do not tend to work and it is illegal to trap moles in Washington state.

To further the challenges associated with moles once you eliminate the initial problem new moles will often take up residence in the previously established tunnels throughout your yard.

If moles are taking over your yard our Pest Control Operators are trained to alleviate your mole issues. long term mole control can be an ongoing battle and our mole program is designed to work as part of your yard maintenance program for long term solutions.

Return your yard to its pristine park like beauty.

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