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Flea infestations

The majority of fleas are spread by a few kinds of animals, like birds, cats, dogs and rabbits. You can also fall prey to an infestation if your home plays host to other pests. Rats and mice are established flea carriers, and they may pose a greater risk because of their known ability to go undetected in homes.

How Do I Know If I Have a Flea Infestation?

Fleas are usually less than 1/8 inch long, and they're characterized by dark brown or black bodies. If your eyesight is particularly acute, you may be able to see that they have wide rear ends with long back legs. Most people, however, are instantly able to tell they have fleas when they see tiny specks jumping away from pet combs and grasping fingers. Even though they're small, fleas can leap from 7 to 13 inches in a single motion.

Because fleas feed on blood to survive, you'll also notice your pets scratching. if bitten, you'll begin to develop reddened marks on your skin. The major difference between these and mosquito bites, however, is that flea bites generally come in groups that can take weeks to stop itching and disappear completely.

Why Are Fleas So Dangerous?

Flea bites aren't harmless. In addition to making you itch, fleas can transmit whatever diseases their previous hosts were carrying to their current meal ticket. This means humans who have infested homes may be exposed to serious epidemics like typhus or even get infected by parasitic worms.

How Do I Eradicate Fleas?

Professional remediation is generally required any time you have a flea infestation. Although tactics like regular bathing, vacuuming, humidity control and high-temperature laundering are important for reducing the presence of fleas in a given environment, it's also critical to stop them from coming back. Advanced tactics like rodent control or the application of flea-specific insecticides may be necessary.

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