Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

Yep. We are onto you. You are pretty handy. You don't mind bugs. So these tips are on us. . . And if you still need our help, call us at 206-486-1110 - we won't judge.

But before we get started a few notes/our disclaimer also known as "our small print". . .

  • We do not recommend and the law prohibits attempts to use products and chemicals licensed for pest control professionals.

  • Inappropriate use can make your problem worse and place your home and family at risk.

  • Our office is always glad to talk you through any questions you may have.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that not everything you read on the internet is true.

Please consider the source of recommendations and methods prior to attempting to eliminate and control pests on your own.

Pest Prevention Tips

As part of our commitment to Integrated Pest Management Solutions, we recommend that you spend some time around your home and property and create less "pest-friendly" environments.

  • We know you love to feed the birds and those cute little squirrels, but did you know that your bird feeder and scattered nuts are a buffet to rodents, rats, and mice?​

  • Feed Fido. Take the food for the pets you want inside or only leave their bowls outside during feeding time.

  • ​Is it harvest time? Pick your veggies and fruits as they ripen and do not allow them to decompose on the ground. Your delicious garden is a rodent buffet.

  • ​Mice and rats are flexible little critters. Did you know rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter? Mice can squeeze themselves through a dime-sized hole. Take a look around your home and if you are really brave get down inside your crawlspace to identify and seal off any potential entry points.

  • ​Put away the welcome mat! An open garage or house door is an invitation to rats, mice, and snakes to access your home.

  • ​Seal the garage! One of the most common entry points we see is due to weather stripping deterioration on garage doors. Replace any worn weather stripping to seal entry points.

  • Clean up and seal trash and recycling. Eliminate all trash, yard waste, and recycling on a regular basis and seal your cans in between pick-ups.​

  • Do some yard work! Rodents love to use tree limbs touching your roof as a bridge to your home. Trim any limbs back 3 feet from your property. Spiders and ants love to hide in bushes and plants so we recommend you keep those trimmed 3 feet away from your home as well.

  • Don’t let the bed bugs bite! When traveling, inspect your room for evidence of bed bugs and immediately report any issues to the hotel management. Skip placing your personal items in the provided dressers and closets and place them in the bathroom instead. When you return home wash all personal items and store suitcases in your garage.​

  • Stop itching! Regularly treat pets with flea control products and remember fleas can spread not only in your home but also in your car when you take your furry friends out with you!

  • Eliminate moisture. Pests such as moisture ants, silverfish, and others are attracted to moisture so repair any water damage and leaks immediately to ensure these water-loving pests do not damage your home.


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