What It Takes To Get Rid Of A Flea Infestation In Your Snohomish Home

two fleas on a human

Fleas are tiny little insects that can invade your home. While these bothersome bugs are most active during the summer months, some homeowners end up dealing with fleas in their homes all year long. These small bugs are not only annoying, but they can also be dangerous to your and your pets.

At Guard Pest Control, we know how to eliminate these tiny bugs from your home. Our experienced Snohomish pest control specialists know what to do if you see these pesky insects around your home or property.

There Are Many Ways Fleas Can Infest Your Home

There are several ways that a flea can come into your home. They like to live outdoors and in tall grass. When your dog or cat walks through the tall grass, the fleas will attach to their fur and come back into your home. Once there, they will hide in the fibers of your carpet and other areas of your home, where they will reproduce and infest your home.

Your pets aren't the only ones that can accidentally bring fleas into your home. Sometimes, fleas can hide in furniture, clothing, and other second-hand objects. If you do not realize that they are there, you can bring fleas and flea eggs back home.

Fleas Are A Health Risk For Both People And Pests

Fleas in Snohomish are more than just annoying pests. They can carry and spread a wide range of diseases, which include:

  • Bartonellosis
  • Murine typhus
  • Tularemia
  • Tungiasis

Fleas can also be hazardous to your pet's health. Because most pets have long fur, when a flea climbs on your pet, it can stay on its skin for an extended period of time without being detected. While there, the fleas get to drink as much of your pet's blood as they want. In severe cases, they can even cause pets to become anemic.

These external parasites can also spread internal parasites to you and your pet. If you or your pet accidentally swallows the flea, it could cause them to become infected with tapeworm. While it is less common that humans will swallow a flea, it is still possible. If you accidentally swallow the flea, you could also become infected with tapeworm.

Why It's So Hard To Completely Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Own

Getting rid of a flea infestation requires a special set of treatments, tools, and experience. All fleas go through four life stages; egg, larva, pupa, and adult. When they are in the pupa stage, they encase themselves in a cocoon resistant to insecticides. Many people who try DIY flea treatments will kill adult fleas and mistakenly think they have eliminated all fleas in their homes. However, once the pupae reach adulthood, the infestation will return and could be even more severe.

The only way to completely get rid of a flea infestation is to devise a multi-step elimination plan. First, you will need to clean your home thoroughly; this includes vacuuming the floors, furniture, and curtains in your home. Secondly, you will need to treat your pet. In addition to cleaning your pet with soap and water, you will also need to use a specialty flea shampoo or some other flea treatment that is safe for pets. The third thing you should do is call a professional and have them treat your home. A professional flea control specialist will know exactly where in your home to apply the treatments and how to ensure that the treatment is effective.

After your home has been thoroughly cleaned and treated, a professional will need to come back in seven to ten days to do a follow-up inspection and treatment; this is the most important step when eliminating fleas. If you do not have follow-up treatments, your flea infestation will likely never go away completely.

The Best Way To Completely Get Rid Of A Flea Infestation

If you have a flea infestation in your home, don't worry, you are not alone. Our professionals at Guard Pest Control are here to help you. We specialize in flea control. We know the best way to eliminate these bothersome bugs from your home. After we treat your home for the first time for fleas, we will schedule a follow-up visit at your convenience to ensure the elimination of these bugs from your Snohomish home for good.

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