How To Keep Rats Away From Your Snohomish Property

a rat crawling inside a home

With a history of disease spread, contamination, and extensive damages, these household pests are anything but desirable around Snohomish properties.

Of all the rodents common to the area, rats may be the worst of all. These rodents are approximately 12 inches long, sporting scaly tails, small ears, and a blunt snout. Rats are considerably larger than mice and are much more aggressive as well. They can chew through larger and more dense substances in pursuit of what they need to survive.

Rats and mice are extremely dependent on humans and their daily activity. You will rarely find these creatures living entirely on their own, as the vast majority of them can be found in, around, or near human properties.

Humans and rats have had a long and bitter shared history, extending as far back as the 12th century. According to researchers, rats may have been responsible for carrying the black plague, an illness that infected and killed nearly a third of England's population. Rats have also been accredited with the contamination of food items, the spread of parasites, and the spread of secondary pest infestations.

Rats are synonymous with destruction, diseases, and parasites. Proper management and long-term prevention are integral to maintaining a rodent-free household.

Rat Prevention Tips For Snohomish Homes

Rodents can chew through some of the hardest substances in our modern homes, including drywall, plastics, and even some forms of concrete. Although these pests are not unstoppable, they are certainly difficult to manage once they access the home. In fact, rats have been known to fit through holes the size of a quarter.

To properly protect your home from the dangers of a rat infestation, follow these helpful tips:

  1. Start by eliminating any food factors that could attract rats to your house. Store raw ingredients and leftovers in plastic or glass containers. Remove all fruit from the counters, or store them in plastic bags. Finally, be sure to throw away all food waste as soon as possible.
  2. The proper storage of garbage is an important step in the rat prevention process. Place garbage into an airtight bin lined with a plastic trash bag. Remove garbage from the home at least once a week, and put it into storage outside the home. If possible, remove all trash from the interior and exterior of your home every other week.
  3. Ensure that all household entry points are properly sealed and caulked. Pay close attention to rips in window screens, gaps under door sweeps, or cracks in the home's foundation. Some homeowners find that investing in a chimney cap is a great defense against species such as roof rats.

If a rat species have already invaded your home, prevention steps will no longer be enough to make any significant difference. Instead, reach out to Guard Pest Control for help.

Eliminate Rat Infestations For Good With Help From Guard Pest Control

Since 2013, Guard Pest Control has been a proud rodent control provider to homeowners all over Snohomish. We offer comprehensive inspections, corrections, and protections for local homeowners and make it our mission to help local clients stay rodent-free for good.

For rat infestations, large or small, Guard Pest Control can take it all! Learn more by submitting an online contact form or calling one of our qualified pros at the Snohomish office.