Hantavirus In King County


Local news sources are reporting the death of one man and the serious illness of another has been linked to the hantavirus in King County. Hantavirus is acquired through contact with the feces or urine of infected rodents.

This is one of the many reasons to call a professional. While rare hantavirus is a serious disease. You can help prevent rodents in your home by taking some simple preventative steps but if you suspect or have an infestation it must be properly eliminated.

Signs Of Infestation

  • Chewing or holes in your crawlspace vents
  • Rodent feces or urine
  • A smell coming from your crawl space
  • Scratching or other noises during the night
  • Rodent sightings during the day usually indicate a heavy infestation

Rodent Prevention

Eliminate conducive conditions including:

  • Open trash or recycling containers
  • Bird or squirrel feeders
  • Pet food bowls placed or stored outside

Know Your Neighborhood

If you live near water or wooded areas these are natural habitats for rodents. If you or your neighbors have chickens or other farm animals these will naturally attract rodents.

If you have signs of an infestation or live in conditions that are naturally conducive contact Guard Pest Control at (206) 590-6715 for inspection, treatment, and preventative maintenance.