Ant ID Class...Some People Go On Dates


Some couples take cooking classes. This was our “date” this weekend – Ant Identification Workshop taught by the ( pest control world) famous Dr. Laurel Hansen. This class was serious. Dr. Hansen had prepared each of us over 30 ants “samples” and provided a microscope and tools to learn all about proper Identification. Y’all I am the best wife. I do not pretend to be the expert (even though I am getting pretty good at it) and identification. But sitting in a room full of pest control professionals I was SHOCKED at how often there was not a consensus on the ant we were looking at.

In fairness, it’s not always a straightforward simple look. Does the ant have a petiole or a waste? With or without a node? Does the mandible have teeth? What about the dorsal profile? This goes on and on. The point is that proper identification is important to treatment.

Identification challenges aside, we do know that the two most common ants in Western Washington are the Odorous House Ant and the Carpenter Ant. While the Odorous House Ant is primarily a nuisance, carpenter ants can significantly damage your home or structure, and sighting even a few can indicate a hidden infestation that you want to know about before the damage is done.

Your licensed Pest Control Technician should be trained in proper identification and know where to go if there is any doubt about the type of ant infesting your home or business.