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This treatment checklist is designed for current customers who have scheduled BED BUG full prep treatment services with guard Pest Control. If your technician has schedule a LOW PREP treatment option, we will provide specific preparation instructions to you.

For optimal results we recommend the following steps prior to and following treatment. If at any time you have any questions or concerns please contact our offices. We are always glad to help!

Please note that the effectiveness of a bedbug treatment will depend heavily on resident cooperation with pre and post treatment checklist.


 Wash all linens, bedding materials, clothing, stuffed animals, and other machine washable items in the highest allowable water temperature and dry on the hottest allowable heat setting. Seal in airtight storage bags or remove from home prior to treatment. Do not store items loose in cars as this can spread bed bugs further. If you do not wish to wash items - they can be placed in commercial garbage bags for treatment but you will not be able to open them for 10 days. 

 Remove any jewelry, weapons, or other personal items you do not want placed in treatment bags by technicians. Electronics such as televisions and video game consoles will need to be treated as these can harbor bed bugs. 
  All clothing items that are not machine washable should be dry-cleaned. Plan to pick up items from dry cleaner AFTER your home has been treated. 

  Remove all items from cupboards, cabinets and drawers placing in covered boxes until 4 hours after treatment. Cabinets and drawer SHOULD BE COMPLETELY EMPTY.

  Vacuum all floors, carpets and area rugs. Use attachments to vacuum baseboards and small areas. Discard of vacuum bag in a sealed garbage sack immediately after vacuuming. 

  Discard of any excess papers, or waste in sealed trash bags outside of residence. Take trash directly from infected room to outside trash containers. Do not move items or trash from room to room. 
 Pull all large furniture 3 feet away from walls/baseboard in all rooms to be treated. 

 Remove any mattress and box spring covers. 

 Items such as dishes and food in the kitchen do not need to be placed in bags. Leave those items in cupboards (counters will need to be cleared). 

  Remove any pets, turn off air and cover fish tanks. 


  All pets and residents must remain outside of the home for 4 hours following the treatment. 
  All items in treatment bags must remain sealed for 10 days. Guard Pest Control will return to remove the chemical treatment strips from these bags and perform a final follow up inspection. 

 Following treatment you may return your items washed in hot water or heat treated to your dressers/closets etc. 

 Resume vacuuming and regular cleaning of home. regular vacuuming and prompt removal of bags will help remove dead bugs and eggs following treatment.