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The latest research on effective treatments show that extensive bed bug treatment preparation checklists are of little value to an effective bed bug elimination program and may in some case exacerbate the problem. Our strategy reflects the recommended practice based on evidence based research and best practices.

Guard Pest Control does not provide a one size fits all check list as bed bug treatments are tailored to your specific situation and will reflect the plan of action determined after your inspection based on size of your home, level of infestations, location of active bed bug activity, and amount of personal items present. 

The following items are the basic preparation required for most units.


 Remove and secure any jewelry, weapons, or other personal items. Our technicians will need to open drawers and cabinets.

Discard of any excess papers, unwanted items, or waste in sealed trash bags. Take trash directly from infected room to outside trash     containers. Do not move items or trash from room to room. 

Remove any pets, turn off air and cover fish tanks. 


All pets and residents must remain outside of the home for 4 hours following the treatment. 

Your technician will place any bedding, loose clothing, or other machine washable items in sealed plastic bags. These items should be washed and dried in hot water before returning them to your living space.

 Resume vacuuming and regular cleaning of home. regular vacuuming and prompt removal of bags will help remove dead bugs and eggs following treatment.

You may see a "shine" from the biological treatment applied in the light. This biological residual is harmless to humans.Do not attempt to wash this area for three months as this provides residual action for ongoing and effective bedbug elimination.

Return to sleeping in your normal sleeping locations. Changing rooms or sleeping on sofas/chairs will draw bed bugs to your sleeping location and spread the bed bug infestation.

​We will install monitor stations under your sleeping and sitting areas. Do not move or tamper with these stations.

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